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How? Why? Which? Pros practise pre-tournament In Czech Republic.


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Ray Carrasco
29/09/14 04:33:11
What a wonderful place to visit for positive input on simply rolling the ball to where we want it to go!
Chris Golf Juice TV
27/08/14 15:45:03
Great website with some really good information, looking forward to seeing more in the future.
Vicki Aitken
20/08/14 21:42:55
Be careful what you aim for as it shall be what you get!
It's critical when. Putting to ensure we always think about putting the ball in the hole. This might sound obvious but when golfers start analysing their putting stroke etc they can often lose sight of this critical basic. Essentially if you are concerned about hitting the ball too far past or too short you still need to be thinking about the hole- the difference is imaging the speed the ball enters the hole at. If you're hitting it short it'd be wise to think about the ball slam dunking into the hole. If you are hitting it too far past you might want to think about the ball dying into the hole or dribbling in. So next time you play or practice remember to think about the ball going into the hole and alter the speed accordingly. Happy putting!
Thanks Vicki. So true....


Any advice?


Why Can't I putt?

First of all get rid of that negative 'can't'. When the ball drops in the hole do you ever question: Why can I putt? No?!

Give yourself some slack. Even pros make errors of judgement. There have been some notoriously 'bad' misses from the experts. So one or two missed putts is not a reason to declare: 'I can't putt'.

Next take your time. If you miss a putt don't get flustered, embarrassed and rush. Stick with your solid prep-rep and the study of the line from all round before embarking on the putt. Make a good stroke and await the rattle in the cup.

What is the best putter?

The one which works best for you. Whether that be an antique beaten up blade or a state of the art latest model. A putter which inspires confidence and gives you the most consistent performance is the best putter.

My 'feel' has gone. How can I get it back.

Drills and practice. Especially putting drills without putting to a hole. Abandon direction for a while and just roll the ball to the edge of the practice green and work on a consistent roll.

If all else fails try changing your putter.

Here is an extra tip from US tour pro, Ray Carrasco: - '...grip the club very lightly and practice putting with the eyes closed!  This definitely enhances the feel of the weight of the total club, especially the club head.' Pure rolls.

I keep missing shorts putts.

Did you put a pure roll on it, and have a smooth rhythm? Did you even bother to line up and use your prep-rep? It may be short but it is still a putt. Take your time.

Even the best of pros can lip out or miss from time to time. Have the strength of mind to forget a miss and roll it confidently to the back of the hole on the next chance. Turn it round.

What do I do if I freeze over a putt?

Step back off your set-up, relax your shoulders and start over with your prep-rep. Consciously loosen your grip to relax and be aware of your breathing. Take a practice stroke and then empty your mind of all but the target. It is a game: child's play!



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